Christophe VG makes

Be it software, technology in general, pictures or some recipe… I just can’t stop making things. Over the years I’ve assembled my personal workshop, where I have (some say) every possible maker tool available (I care to differ 😇).

This section of my site brings together some of the stories of how these “a little more” elaborate creative projects came to life, along with pointers to information on how I made them, because #sharingiscaring. I also try to include pointers to the sources I used, at least to give credit.

Disclaimer: so please don’t compare this to all the great makers out there on Youtube, Instagram and elsewhere. I’m just an amateur, having some fun in the little spare time I can find. I too look up in admiration to what these real masters of making, cosplay, electronics, design,… can, and I try to learn from them too. Most of these are often my first and only experience with a given craft - there are simply too many to explore 😅

Artware City

2 minute read

Welcome to Artware City! Founded around 1990 by a curious teen, who was moving from the TRS planes to the PC suburbs.

C3PO Luisterbox

2 minute read

In het kader van het C3PO - Collaborative City Co-design PlatfOrm  contacteerde Studio Dott  mij voor de ontwikkeling van een interactieve luisterbox.

Connected Lightbulb

4 minute read

Not everything has to be all work and no play. Sometimes, we just play. My good friend Anthony  sometimes hosts team building events. His current topic of ch...


2 minute read

A few weeks after having made a Padel Racket for Mark, my son Arjen had to dress up as a Man in Black . Building the racket was a first attempt at working wi...


9 minute read

The EZRPi is a Raspberry Pi HAT , carrying a Silicon Labs EZR32  Sub-GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU), that adds subGHz radio capabilities to the RPi.

Fri3d Badge

less than 1 minute read

In 2014 Anthony  and I hacked together the first edition of Fri3d Camp, a family-friendly hacker camp. Two years later, we did it again, now with a team of 8...

Inspection Robot

1 minute read

In 2015 I was contracted by a very large industrial/pharmaceutical company to design and implement a solution for their QA team to be able to inspect certain...

Novid Kiosk

2 minute read

Tijdens de 2016 editie van Fri3d Camp, ontstond het idee bij de CEO van Novid om een eigen online content-management platform te laten ontwikkelen als vervan...

Padel Racket

2 minute read

Since about a year now, I’m experimenting with eva foam. I’m starting with small projects to get a grip on the material.

Pokemon Christmas Lights

5 minute read

In december 2017 I joined in a Secret Santa event  organised by Henk Reickaert , amongst others known for his fun making endeavours in the Koterij .

Resin in Wood Coasters

4 minute read

I’ve been wanting to play with combining wood and resin for some time, yet never found the time to do so, until Veronique’s birthday came up and what do you ...

Super Mario Question Mark Block

1 minute read

When my godchild L was about to do his confirmation (for my Dutch-inclined friends: “zijn vormsel” - I had to look it up also 😇) I had to come up with a way ...


Tintin Rocket

less than 1 minute read

I really can’t say why I am also so facinated by the famous Tintin Rocket. Maybe I’ve never been very outspoken about it, still whenever I’m confronted with ...

Wooden Globe

3 minute read

Roughly a year after I made a Padel Racket for Mark, my partners in many crimes, Christophe & Rozanne organized a garden party for too many good reasons....

XT0F-001 - Regulated Power

less than 1 minute read

XT0F-001 is a an implementation of the regulated power supply. Initially it provides 5V, but I intend to add support for the 3V circuit also.

XT0F-002 - Programmer

less than 1 minute read

XT0F-002 is a programmer for a 24-pin ATMEGA8 MCU. It allows you to to connect the ISP  (In System Programmer) to the MCU’s SPI 

XT0F-003 - my first WSN node

5 minute read

In 2012 I was introduced to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and it didn’t take too long before I fell in love with this (relatively) new technology. As it wil...