Artware City

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Welcome to Artware City! Founded around 1990 by a curious teen, who was moving from the TRS planes to the PC suburbs.

35 Years in the Making

Although my computer endeavours started on the Tandy TRS-style computers, around 1990 I jumped on the PC train. With my first PC came my first hard drive, a Seagate ST-251 ↗ with a whopping 40MB … That is MEGA-byte, not gigabyte! For a reference, the full size images on this page consist of 143MB, so I would have needed at least 4 such hard disks, just for this page 😇🤓

Ever since that first hard drive, I’ve collected my hard disks, memory, network cards, video cards, some motherboards, most CPUs, my first network (PCMCIA ↗) card, my first Wi-Fi card and so on. I always wanted to make something with them some day and that some day is today, that something is “Artware City”.

Making Of

A piece of 122 by 61cm of 9mm MDF, a heavy duty silicone-based adhesive and of course 35 years of carefully collected hardware. Gentleman, start your pressure glue gun!


From the very first moment I came up with the idea, I knew it had to be perfect white. The glossy kind. So I stocked a lot of spray cans with glossy white spray paint and started applying layer after layer after layer.

With each layer, the colorfull details started to disappear. After some 7 layers, the result was what I had in mind: a glossy, soft-touch, smooth, almost silky finish.


So, next time you pay me a visit and you step into my office, you will be greeted by Artware City as you enter.

Enjoy a little tour…

Welcome to Artware City

Who doesn’t remember the grandeur of DIN Port, hooking up (with) your favorite keyboard. Ever since those pesky PS2 (mini-DIN) ports took over, the city was never the same. Yet, they also had to move over, when the mighty USB boys came to town.

In between the low-rise disk drives, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city while strolling along Video Card Alley. If you look carefully, you might even spot a female VGA connector.

At the end of the alley, take a righthand turn and you can’t miss it. Take a trip down Memory Lane and continue down Networking Street. If you keep on going you’ll even reach the Information Superhighway.

A visit to Artware City is of course not complete without attending a game at the big Seagate ST-251 Stadion on Hard Disk Drive.

Maybe you took a train into town. In that case, you will already know PCI Slot Station. With its high speed expansion slots, it offers everything a modern city dweller needs.