XT0F-002 - Programmer

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XT0F-002 is a programmer for a 24-pin ATMEGA8 MCU. It allows you to to connect the ISP ↗ (In System Programmer) to the MCU’s SPI ↗

Revision 1

I use a JTAGICE mkII, which has a JTAG interface. ISP only uses 6 wires, but I include a full JTAG male connector which allows me to directly connect the JTAGICE.

The implementation is mainly a direct implementation of the programming circuit for the ATMEGA8. Of course, I reuse the XT0F-001 to include a rock-stable 5V power supply.

Complete wiring for the programmer


In this revision, I’ve also included 4 LEDs to allow an MCU to do basic visual checks. ADC pins 5 through 2 are provided.

Revision 1 through-hole design


Implementation in progress :-)