The World Tagged According to Christophe VG

Besides the top-level categories, I also try to add tags to the pages on this site. They tend to deal with cross-cutting concerns ;-)


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Although I started with its fundamental core, the AVR-based microcontrollers, Arduino and I cross paths now and then.


The AVR architecture, by Atmel, was the first embedded platform I encountered when I entered the hardware space. A lot of my first steps involved this series of MCUs.


All work and no play makes Christophe a dull boy.


Although most of my customers require some form of professional discretion about their projects. Sometimes I can share some abstract information.


I confess, I’m a sucker for robots. Step by step I’m moving closer to the point where I’m able to design and build my very own robot.


I don’t keep a blog, am not really active on so called social networks, but I sometimes feel the need to write down my very personal opinion about things.