Me, myself and I according to Christophe VG

“Passion makes the world go round.” Well, in my world it does. Lack of passion is not something you can accuse me of and I tend to incorporate it in everything I do. On a professional level I’m passionate about software architecture, about doing the right thing in the right way.

Professional might be an understatement, because in my not so copious spare time I also tend to enjoy the company of my MacBooks to work on some fun project. Most of these are available in the open through my GitHub repositories.

In 2011, at the age of 37, I decided to return to full time studying at the University of Leuven, seizing the moment to take a step back and try to find a (professional) life that I can really be passionate about. After about a year it became apparant that embedded systems seemed to lure me their way.

But, there is more than computers in my life. I’m happily married to Kristien Tambuyzer and our daughter Eline and son Arjen really brighten up every day of our life.

Cooking, digital photography and catamaran sailing complete the initial picture of my world. Below are a few more pages that add some more personal details.

Some of them are tagged “thing”. These are small write-ups about some thing I seem to have an opinion about.

Other pages are just plain informative and/or practical.

A-Social Networks

2 minute read

Unlike some many among you, I see so called socials networks as a necessary evil. Yes I have a Google+ account, yes I have a Twitter account, yes I even have...

Curriculum Vitae

4 minute read

Een meer klassieke vorm om mij te leren kennen, door de professionele activiteiten die ik eerder ondernam…


1 minute read

Favoriete Song Tekst van het ogenblik …

Revisiting Higher Education

11 minute read

Having decided to return to full-time studying presented me with an incredible opportunity to make a personal evaluation of our education system and academic...


2 minute read

Spam (ook: ongewenste post, ongewenste reclame; afkorting: orec) is e-mail of postings in de nieuwsgroepen van Usenet die op grote schaal ongevraagd wordt to...