XT0F Family

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After diving into the electronics world for some weeks, I felt the need/urge to create reusable components - much as I was used to in the software world. Just for fun, I decided to give them a name and group them as a family.

And so I created the XT0F family of components:

Family Members

  • XT0F-001 is the elementary first component every project needs: a regulated power supply.
  • XT0F-002 is my self-compiled ISP-over-JTAG-SPI programmer for the ATMEGA8 family of MCU’s that I’m initially focussing on.
  • XT0F-003 is my first home-grown wireless sensor node - short mote.

Family Ties

Besides boxing all components as much as possible using custom 3D printed cases, I also try to make connections between the components in a consistent way. Most members can be connected to each other through header-based connectors.

For example: XT0F-001 can be plugged onto XT0F-002, but can also be plugged onto a breadboard.