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Let’s go old-skool 😇 I’ve never been great at using bookmarks in my browser, and don’t really “use” a lot of sites - papa Google seems to be sort of my bookmarks collection. Still now and then I do stumble upon a site that I appreciate and want to use again in a distant future, yet most of the time by that time I don’t recall it.

This website is primarily my personal notebook, filled with recipes, tech notes, sailing log entries and general ramblings - these bookmarks should fit right in.

So without further adieu: my (growing) curated bookmarks collection:

Making 🛠️

It’s a section, so over time I’ve collected useful resources/services that I can use while making stuff:

  • ↗ - a lot of credits to M. H. van der Velde for creating and hosting this free box/bag-template generating service.

DTP 👨🏻‍💻

A lot of my work both professionally and personally comes down to some sort of DTP (DeskTop Publishing for those who weren’t around in the 90’s). Today this mostly boils down to the wonderful Pages and Keynote apps from the iWork Suite ↗.

But now and then, I need something more and these sites are useful additions:

Running 🏃‍♂️

Although it doesn’t have a section on this site, running is one activity that tends to take up quiet some part of my free time.

  • ↗ - is a great tool to … plot a route 😇
  • ↗ - for some time, this has become my centralized, statistical analysis tool for all my runs. I can sync from my favorite tracking app ↗ and applies too many scientific statistical algorithms, for my nerdy insight pleasure
  • ↗ - contains all running events from january through december (in Belgium). Typically I try to attend most of these.

Let’s see where this small list ends up (or not) in some time…