IT According to Christophe VG

Informatica maakt al 30 jaar een belangrijk deel uit van mijn leven. Deze categorie bevat notities, samenraapsels van allerlei aard; vooral dingen die ik ergens een onderkomen wil geven zodat ik er altijd aan kan.

Ik starte met deze structuur van de website in 2010, en veel van de inhoud stamt zelfs nog van voordien (mijn domein verscheen online in het jaar 2000). Zeker in deze sectie vind je nog pagina’s van lang vervlogen tijden. Ik hou ze vooral voor “old times’ sake” ;-) Niet alle informatie is dus up-to-date met de huidige stand van zaken mbt de topics. Je weze gewaarschuwd ;-)

Alfresco Notes

1 minute read

Yet another CMS, yet another Java-based PITA installation … sigh

Assembler Notes

less than 1 minute read

Mostly triggered by my new embedded love, I slowly move down the technology stack. Dealing with assembler now becomes more and more apparent.

Bluetooth Notes

2 minute read

goal Use my bluetooth enabled (linux) laptop, running Fedora core, and dial out…

Captcha with PHP

less than 1 minute read

Simple example to create a captcha with PHP.

Git Notes

1 minute read

A few years ago I also made the switch from Subversion to Git. And I never looked back. After experimenting with some other distributed version control syste...

Hello JBoss

16 minute read

This project tries to evolve from a simple JBoss HelloWorld Servlet into an implementation using as many commonly used Java technologies as possible.

Java on Mac

2 minute read

Although I don’t like Java, I encounter it in (too) many places. This page collects some notes on using Java on Mac OS X.

Jekyll Notes

1 minute read

When I started moving all of my domains from my co-located hosts into the cloud, I needed a way to keep alive a few websites I own - like this one. Before so...

Mac OS X Notes

less than 1 minute read

Yeah, shoot me, I’m happy with my Mac.

MacTex and KULEMT

2 minute read

For my master thesis, I needed to get the KUL Engineering Master Thesis Class working with MacTex. This page describes this process. It is based on the infor...

MongoDB Notes

1 minute read

My notes on installing, running and using MongoDB

OpenLDAP Notes

1 minute read

I used to use OpenDS, until I discovered it was no longer maintained. So I switched to OpenLDAP.

Postfix Notes

less than 1 minute read

Some old notes from back in the days when I was hosting my own mail server.

Puppet Notes

4 minute read

Puppet failed my “First 5 Minutes Test” (TM), so I feel obliged to write down what I expect from a software distribution to offer me during our first five mi...

Python Notebook

less than 1 minute read

My notes on installing, running and using Python notebooks, aka Jupyter

Python on Heroku

less than 1 minute read

My notes on installing, running and using Python on Heroku

Ruby on Mac

1 minute read

Although I’m not a Ruby developer, I encounter Ruby in many places as a user. This page collects some notes on using Ruby on Mac OS X.

eID notes

1 minute read

If you live in Belgium and want to use your eID on Mac OS X, things aren’t all that nice.

iOS App Development

1 minute read

When I started doing some real iOS app development, I had to find my way through a whole eco-system. These are my notes as I waded through Xcode, account set...